“The first solo disc done with ‘my nickel ‘ was ‘World of Change’ It was produced by Mark Doyle and engineered by Rick Basha ( who’s now my drummer ! ) and recorded @ Cayuga Community College in 1995 than released the next year. Mark and I wrote this cut together and I wrote the lyrics to my daughter, it’s called ‘Try to be Careful’.

“ One of my favorite cuts from the disc is a song Mark Doyle and I wrote called ‘Changin’ Minds’. I think these sentiments are true in any day and age."

Here is the ‘rarest of the rare’ in my recording career. It’s one side of a demo that The Ridgewoods did in early 1965 at the old Riposo Studios in Syracuse. It’s a song called ‘You’re for Me’ written by Mike Vickers of Manfred Mann Fame. John and Tom Dean are playing guitars, Bobby Dean is on bass and drums are by Al Klimak. The guy who sounds a little like Steve Lawrence is a barely 17 year old me ! We only had 10 of these acetates made and all were lost until one surfaced about 20 years ago and I got it.

Jungle Fever- Originally recorded on our RCA album ‘Whiskey Woman’ this version is live from the ‘Free Will- Live on Stage’ disc. I think it shows that the band still had the chops.

Here’s a cut from the out of print ‘Rhythm ‘n’ Groove’ cd on Blue Wave Records. We recorded this at Lakewood Studios with Greg Spencer and I producing in 1991. Dan ‘Cato’ Eaton and I wrote this tune and it’s called ‘What Will it Take ?’

Brand New Me ( Same old Blues ) This is the second time I recorded this song. It features Loren Barrigar on guitar and is included on my ‘This Life’ disc. I originally wrote it for the ‘World of Change’ disc.

 is from the "A" side of a single we did back in the last millenium! Mark Doyle and I wrote this.The 45 rpm single is available in our Music Store!

'Party Time’ from the ‘Indulge’ album that my pal Dave Feinstein produced. About 1990 it wasn’t really a band but more a recording idea, we never played any dates that I can recall but the project was a fun return to my more ‘boisterous’ roots. We actually did a video for this song that Dave and I wrote. A pretty rare cut unless you own the German import..

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