Upcoming Events 2019



January 4th-JWB-Fireside Inn Baldwinsville 7-10 pm

January 27th- Sherwood Inn with Terry 4-7 pm

January 31st- A.T. Walley with Terry 6-9 pm


February 4th- Del Lago @ The Vine with Dave 7-10 pm

February 21st- A.T. Walley  with Terry 6-9 pm

February 24th- Sherwood Inn with Dave 4-7 pm


May 16th - A.T. Walley Inc. - with Terry 6-9

May 24th- JWB- Fireside Inn 7-10 pm

May 25th- JWB- Little Sodus Inn-9-12

May 26th- Sherwood Inn 4-7 pm with ?


June 2nd- JWB Marcellus Olde Home Days 1-5 pm

June 2nd- Baliwick with Loren- 6:30 pm

June 5th-JWB- Johnson Park Liverpool 7-9 pm

June 6th- JWB- Pasta’s in B-ville 6-9 pm

June 8th- JWB-Taste 6:10-7:25

June 9th- JWB- The Dairy At Muranda 2-5 pm

June 20th - Private party - Duo

June 22nd- JWB@ A.T. Walley TBA- benefit

June 22nd - JWB - Little Sodus Inn 9 pm - midnight

June 23rd- With Bob Piorun @ Next Chapter Brew Pub-3-6 pm

June 27th- A. T. Walley Inc.- with Terry 6-9 pm

June 29th- JWB-  Private Party -Bob Turo

June 30th- Doyle Whiting Band @ Red, White & Brew Fest Sherwood Inn 4:30 pm


July 5th- JWB Skaneateles American Legion 7-9 pm

July 6th- Private Party LK

July 14th- Owasco Yacht Club ( private ) 11:3— 2:30-Terry

July 18th-JWB- Ryder Park 6:30-8:30 pm

July 19th- Rainbow Shores- with Dave- 6-9 pm

July 20th-  With  The DeSantis Orchestra  @Skaneateles Gazebo  5:30-7:30

July 23rd- JWB- Hoopes Park 6:30- 8:30 pm

July 25th- JWB- Marcellus Park 7-8:30

July 26th- JWB- Lakeshore Country Club - open to the public 6-9 pm

July 27th- Savor NY @ Del Lago 8-11 pm with Dave

July 30th-JWB The Nest Tavern Rt. 80 Aupulia Station 6-9 pm 315-529-8549


August 3rd-JWB- 6-9 pm ( private )

August 4th - Sherwood Inn 4-7 pm with Dave

August 6th - Weedsport Gazebo with Loren Barrigar 7-9 pm

August 10th Doyle-Whiting Band - Heritage Hill brewery 2-4 pm

August 16th- Skaneateles Country Club ( private ) -Dave

August 18th- Rainbow Shores- with Dave-6-9 pm

August 24th- With The Desantis Orchestra @ The Gazebo in Shotwell Park, Skaneateles, 5:30-7:30 pm

August 25th- With Loren@ Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum 2-4 pm

August 29th - JWB - Lacona Farmers Market 5-7 pm

August 30th- Sweet Soul Review @ Experience Stage NYState Fair-7:10 pm show

August 31st- JWB- Little Sodus Inn-9-12


September 6th- Savor NY @ Del Lago 8-11 pm with Dave

September 7th- Jukin’Bone @ TomatoFest (TBA)

September 8th- JWB- Sherwood Inn Seafood Fest- 4:40 pm


November 9th - Anyela’s 4-7 pm Dave


December 14th - Anyela’s 4-7 pm Dave

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